Campo Public Works

Water/Maintenance Supervisor-Bob Lenning


The primary responsibility for Campo Public Works is the safe operation and maintenance of the water and wastewater systems in a manner that maintains the Public Health. This includes the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal operation, maintenance and repair of the systems, including the necessary paperwork and interface with the State of Colorado agencies and, as needed, our current engineering firm GMS.

Major recurring responsibilities for the water system include monitoring and filling the chlorine injection system, performing the weekly water chlorine first contact sample, a monthly Bac-t sample and the monthly meter readings.  Other non routine major responsibilities are the repair of water leaks usually in or about the water meter pit, install and or removal of water meters, and the coordinating the installation of new service.

Major responsibilities for the wastewater system include a monthly influent BOD (biological oxygen demand) sample, routine checks of the wastewater Lagoons and flow system, and maintaining  seasonal appropriate levels and flows to the cattail races.  Nonroutine major responsibilities include, system mains pipe flushing as needed, snaking of mains as needed, and installation of new service.
Both the Water and Wastewater Systems require certifications via the State of Colorado and are renewed every three years.
Seasonal responsibilities include upkeep of the parks and other city building out-of-doors, minor street and street sign repair, tree cutting as needed, limb removal on city property and streets following wind and storms, plowing streets, maintenance of the pickup, mower and the bobtail truck.
Town office duties include the operation of the computers and the network system.